Composite Hose pipes in Australia are functional and are essentially found in industrial settings. The distinction is the hose type and the application for the service in use. You are free to choose the type of hose, but the composite hose pipe is often the most favoured for the sector since it can be used in a wide variety of applications.

It is made of polypropylene with an external abrasion-resistant polyvinyl chloride shell, which is kept together with wires, using many layers of thermoplastic material. As per application requirement, the composite hose construction design is personalised.

Where Is It Used

The chemical hose we use is the Plascorp Chemiflow range, which provides foreign and locally produced hose options as well as specialty hose specifications for a high-quality composite hose product.


The all too famous Code 952 (Grey with Blue Strip) hose is included in the Chemiflow set. By using a Stainless Steel Wire along with SS Wire Whipping, this Code type of hose has been a huge success in providing an externally chemical resistant hose that helps give the hose an extended life.

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In terms of versatility, it is considered to be one of the strongest hose pipes. As briefly mentioned, in a composite hose, there are several layers of flexible sheets with helix wire, which makes the bend radius only 3 times the internal diameter, and that is why it can be used in almost any setting.

One of the special characteristics of a composite hose is that, in the configuration of a composite hose or a composite hose assembly, there is no welding, which makes it safe to fail. Due to the individual layers and the welding structure in the hose assembly, ordinary hoses appear to crack or break under pressure, external abrasion or excessive usage.

More Common Features To Explore
  • Lightweight
  • Extremely flexible
  • Long shelf life
  • User-friendly
  • Suitable for suction and delivery
  • Excellent chemical compatibility
  • Robust
  • Cost-effective
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Can be fitted with any end connection
  • Multiple wire and fabrics available to choose from
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What has made us become Australia’s leading suppliers of fuel hose fitting, chemical hose tubing, petrol hoses and much more at Dodgehoses our commitment is to make the highest quality hoses.

A variety of other materials, including mine ventilation ducting and my meshing, are also supplied by Dodgehoses for mining. For more information about our wide selection and other items, search our set of composite and chemical fuel hoses or reach out to our team.

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As a privately held company, we are proud of our ability to provide solutions to personalised requests for goods or services, regardless of how complicated or how big or small those requests are. At Dodgehoses, we have a committed and oriented team that we think gives us that essential point of difference.

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By getting in touch with the composite hose manufacturer of composite hoses such as Dodgehoses, you may order a hose pipe that suits precisely with the applications in which you plan to position it.

Based on the materials used to build them, the composite hose manufacturer would have an array of different pipes. Industries need to make sure that it is ‘fail-safe’ in their environment.

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